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blueprint for a genocide

For the overall ttheme of my triptych titled "blueprint for a genocide" representing the past, present and future, I decided to go with the most primal symbol of mortality.

I made dozens of rubbings of ancient stone carvings on my first visit to Armenia in 2008 and will incorporate fragments of these rubbings into the triptych, to honor my heritage and history.

However once I did the full scale drawing, I was shocked by the singularity of the image and decided to turn the triptych into an oracle. The ancient rubbings like markings on bone adorn and honour the history of a people fragmented but still there while the dark crevices lament the lost.

armenian rubbing-detail

Here is a glimpse of rubbings from the same travels incorporated into Blueprint for a Genocide. Visit again to see the painting emerge.

alina martiros
alina martiros detail

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