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blueprint for a genocide

I am working on a submission called Blueprint for a Genocide for an upcoming exhibition of Armenian-Canadians on the theme of genocide. Mine is a triptych representing the past, present and future.

I made dozens of rubbings of ancient stone carvings on my first visit to Armenia in 2008. Given the theme of this exhibition, it felt very natural to incorporate fragments of these rubbings in this triptych, to honor my heritage and history. I am finding that re-tracing the lines drawn by my ancestors, and embedding the rubbing fragments into a contemporary context is revealing unexpected layers to the work as it progresses. Stay tuned for my next post.

armenian rubbing-detail

Here is a glimpse of rubbings from the same travels incorporated into Blueprint for a Genocide.

armenian rub 2 post_edited.jpg
armenian rub detail post_edited.jpg

cave fragment with rubbing 3_edited
Cave fragment with rubbing 3

Accrylic and resin on board; 30" X 40"; 2013

Here is a painting where I incorporated rubbings from my 2008 travels to Armenia.

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